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March 30, 2019 

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Loved it. Have some cleansing to do. Very informative!!' Big help!!

March 28, 2019

Member 294443
amazing. so helpful. so compassionate.

March 27, 2019 

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Always accurate and helpful


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she was really really good


extremely amazing read! much love thanks soo much



Sharon is the best she always make me feel better our conversation is right on target she is able to feel my vibes and her response to my questions are always appreciated and I feel in my heart that she is always helpful she is my favorite advisor



Sharon is awesome 



Awesome!!! Awesome!!! 


She is the truth!!! Soo much detail and accuracy. One of the best on keen.


 Keyondra Campbell to Sharon Andrea -The Return of the Garden of Eden

January 6 at 9:06 PM · 

Hi. I want to leave a review for the great goddess Sharon Andrea.
Sharon has truly helped me on my twin soul divine path. She have always brings the issues that u are having with yr twin back to you and shows u how to heal and shift. By listening to her and working on my inner self; my twin came closer, communicates way more now and even admitted to literally everything Sharon said. The whole conversation i thought Sharon said that months ago. I was in awe. He even admitted to some life trama that happen that Sharon predicted. My jaw drop. Sharon is very powerful and deep. If u are willing to do the work and align with God. She is the perfect guide for yr journey. Its a beautiful journey of surrender. I am so grateful my soul lead me to her. I am truly not the same. I am humble and grateful. And I want to say Thank u!!!!!😊😊😍😍Much love and light!!!💓💓💗💗


Sharon is the best! She's intelligent and very intuitive and she doesn't lie. A million stars to her!

So appreciative of Sharon Andrea’s candid and thorough reading!! Very personable and super helpful! BEST. READING. EVER!! And I’m being 100% real!! ????????

She gave me a lot of insight in my journey of self-grow


My phone lost its connection but she was so comforting!!!! Blessings to her!!!  

I really do like your past life readings!


Sharon gave me such a positive connection she truly was on point gave me such a insight awareness and things that I could look at to make me happy thank her so much I really enjoyed our early morning conversation

Really really spot on! Highly recommend

09/15/2018- Mary:Hello my dear Sharon,  Thank you so much for the reading once again, and here is the testimonial I wrote. :) My higher self and Divine timing brought me to Sharon! The reading was beyond what I expected, and was thrilled to get confirmation and reassurance that everything is happening for a bigger purpose. Sharon has this motherly loving energy that draws you to her. She will tap in to your past life energy, twin flame energy, and what is going on with you at the moment. She helped me see things with a clear lens. I loved the fact that she gave me advice to apply to my daily life in order for me to heal, and let go of what is no longer serving me. Instead of looking at myself as a victim, I can see myself with a much deeper understanding. This, in turn, will help me have more love and compassion for myself after everything that Sharon told me regarding my past lives. The reading will help me transcend those old loops I’ve been playing over and over, and get things that I’ve been putting off— done!   The twin flame energy reading was amazing as well! She was able to read my twin flame’s energy, describe him in perfect detail (emotional to physical appearance) and give me information on where we are both headed on our journey. Sometimes my ego can play tricks on me, but she clarified so many questions I had regarding him, my path, and my family. This made me have more peace of mind instead of being worried. After our session, I was excited and restless due to all the information she shared with me! I felt my energy shift to a higher and more positive state since her energy and healing abilities are contagious! I am looking forward to the direction my life will take after speaking with her. I am beyond satisfied, and will definitely be back to get more readings from Sharon. Thank you so much!!! Blessings and love!

7/23/2018   kcc19913 -- She was so kind and connected right away. She could feel everything between us and was in tune with everything. All I can do is try to follow her advice and not focus on what it looks like and just trust that what I want is coming.

6/20/2018    User682178  -    Feel she connected very well to situation  

6/6/2018    Aquamarine143  -   First time calling, I ran outta funds right when you hit it right on the money. We do know each other from childhood, when you said that it hit home. Thank you for you accurate insight, wish I could of continued the call, but gotta wait till payday. I will be calling back

5/29/2018    User958218   -   Excellent reader and very detailed and accurate.   

4/20/2018    Member479845   -     sharon is life changing and profound in a way that others can't seem to match.I have had good readings before but never experienced anything like her readings before. i was totally impressed.

Member865656   -   Awesome reading  

6/24/2018    User080778  -  Thank you for all of your help I will be calling you within the next couple of days to talk a little more but thank you again for everything and stay blessed    

6/18/2018    Member865656       Great call  

6/7/2018    KEYSHANTE  -   Great reader. She can pick up on past lives you have had together with TF. She can tell u how they feel and guides you on how to heal yr own heart and become one with spirit. She showed me how to change my perspective of him running away and not take it personally. If u give her time, she will dig it all up to be healed. Thanks again for being there.  

5/22/2018    Member865656   -    Great call and will call back

5/18/2018    KEYSHANTE  -    Thanks I needed insight on my sister and how to see it from a higher state and to heal.     

5/15/2018    Member865656       Thank you great call.                                 

4/27/2018    KEYSHANTE --    Sharon tapped into some past lives of mine, which I had no clue of. Yet knowing the information had truly helped me healed more than I would have every believed. She will enlighten u, if yr open to receive. I will be in touch . Thxs.                                 

4/27/2018    KEYSHANTE  -  Thanks Sharon. U help me realize I have to put myself on a pestal and fight myself instead of waiting on my TF to do it. This is what he was reflecting to me. I can't concern myself on the outcome of what will or will not happen with us. She has truly help me focus on shifting myself . I should be in joy and be in the fullness of all love. Love life    

4/27/2018    KEYSHANTE  --   Awesome reading. Wow. I love your energy.

Awe Sharon. Thank you. I ran out of funds but I truly am grateful for the insight, guidance and confimations. I am sure we will speak again. Aloha  

4/20/2018    User293770  -  Oh my goodness.... this woman is outstanding. My TF journey took a sharp turn tonight, and when I called I was utterly despondent. Two minutes into the convo I’m already uplifted. She’s so high vibe. I now see the road ahead... I’m a little worse for wear... that’s for sure. But my goodness, I’m at least still walking. Sharon, thank you. From the bottom of my heart. I really.could talk to you all day. 

2/25/2018    Melanie3576  -    thanks

2/7/2018    Member323644  -   Great connection and so much details and advice. Thank you very much!!   

1/30/2018    User293770    --   Sharon Is MIGHTY. She really connected with me. It’s like she was physically standing next to me. This was a powerful reading.                                 

1/17/2018    LadyLove10 --   This Lady is truly gifted she immediately tapped into my situation and was able to profoundly articulate this to me. Give her a call and you shall not be disappointed. Peace and Blessings. 

1/2/2018    User703725      She was so good! Really fast and started reading fast and accurately! Loved her style. 

12/31/2017    User332303  -- i'm still shocked at how gifted this woman is. It doesn't even make sense for me to list all the things she knew without me telling her because she spent our entire 35 minute conversation bringing up facts about my situation that she knew without me telling her, the entire 35 minutes. She knew the letters of several peoples name, she knew about the dreams i've been having, she knew exactly how i've been feeling with me barely even saying a word. This woman has a direct line to spirit, I suggest you reading with her if you want the assurance of paying for a psychic/medium that you know can do and can feel what they say they can do and feel. God bless you Sharon and thank you.

Beautiful lady....wonderful gifts...extra ordinary..and on point, deep advice. I'm a fan. Joyheart52                                 

3/10/2018    Member865656--      Enjoyed the reading

1/30/2018    Libra 12 --   Thank you Sharon for helping me understand what I need to do to work on in myself and for helping me better understand what is going on with my twin. Your insight was priceless! Libra12

Sharon is incredible. I didn’t want to hear what she told me, but it was the truth.  

10/25/2017    Melanie3576 --   Thanks  


10/17/2017    Sunshine196745        Wow! Thank you for your insights into the details as well as the bigger picture!! Bessings!! 

10/11/2017    Sunshine196745 --      Such a great connection. I love our conversations!! Blessings!! 

10/10/2017    Sunshine196745  --     Thank you for your patience and help. Your insights are always on point, and you help me see past the "situation" to the real truth beyond.